27-year-old Student Dies In Her Room After Satanic Incantation Gone Wrong

A 27-year-old student from the University of SOA, Yaoundé II, located in Cameroon, Central Africa, was found dead in her room on Sunday, July 10.

The young woman was known as ‘Blanche’ and lived in a mini-site known as Bokam located opposite to the University campus in which she studied.

The incident of her death was revealed only when her mother came to her hostel to visit her daughter, who was not answering her phone for a few hours.

Upon reaching her place, she found Blanche’s lifeless body was in her room, including some strange items such as a dead hen, a red piece of cloth, ashes, salt, and red and yellow candles.

A few of her neighbours said that her death was a result of a satanic incantation that went wrong. They added that she often complained of being haunted by occultic forces.

Her mother said that her daughter had earlier taken all her belongings from the family house, which she took to her hostel, without giving any specific reason.

One of her close friends further disclosed that she could not sleep in that hostel again because Blanche’s spirit was not at peace, and the girl did not want her body removed from her hostel room.

Her mortal remain is currently in the mortuary.

Further investigations are still ongoing to find the exact reason for her death apart from the superstitious claims.

The case has been registered with the police officials, and they are investigating her friends and family as well as the college officials to find out the exact reason behind the tragic death of the young student.

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