Abia State Lawmaker Doubts Government’s Sincerity On Recent Contract Awards

The lawmaker representing Aba South state Constituency in Abia State House of Assembly, Hon Obinna Ichita has doubted government’s sincerity in recent contracts it awarded, describing it as “sheer subterfuge and a big insult on the collective intelligence of Abia People”.

In a statement, Hon Ichita, who said Abia people can not fall for such a hackneyed diversionary tactic, said he hinged his doubt on the fact that:

“Abia State Government awarded the construction of Ozuoma and Ohazu roads, up till today the project is abandoned.

“Abia State government announced the award of road construction projects in Aba. The government destroyed people’s houses and businesss premises. Sadly up till today, the projects are abandoned. Port Harcourt road and Uratta road are worst hit, despite their economic and strategic importance to the state.

“Abia State government announced the commencement of Enyimba Economic City. Not only has the government abandoned the project , but Ukwa land, the location of the project does not have a single presence of government. They are literarily cut off from the rest of Abia as a result of bad roads.

“Ntigha Dry Port project and the medical city project announced by Abia state government are all abandoned and forgotten.

“Abia State government announced the award of contracts for Ifeobara flood project (off Faulks road) but Immediately the government received the loan for the project , they abandoned the project

“Abia State government announced a special intervention project to cushion the negative environmental impact of the tragic fire disaster that happened in Osisioma. Not only did the government abandon the bogus project, they have refused to redeem their pledges to the victims of the disaster

“On the May 27, 2021, Abia State government announced that they would destroy and rebuild within six weeks, specific line of stalls at Ahia Ohuru market Aba South. It is over a year, yet that project hasn’t been completed. The traders are suffering but the government doesn’t care”.

The lawmaker who is also the running mate of APGA in 2023 election said the assumption by agents and officials of the government of Abia state, that the mere mention of “award of contract”, would make the people of Abia to clap for the government, goes to show how lowly the government thinks of the people.

“Our people are now more politically and intellectually sophisticated; they know that the sudden report of the so called ‘award of intervention project’ few months to the end of the tenure of the PDP-led government in Abia, is aimed at scoring cheap political goals”, the lawmaker stated.

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