Afia Schwarzenegger Allegedly Steals Australian Man’s Phone And Hides It In Her Pants

In their never-ending feud, socialite, Nana Tonardo has launched more bombs at Afia Schwarzenegger, accusing her of taking theft claiming Afia stole a friend’s husband’s smartphone.

Afia Schwarzenegger has admitted to being a serial thief, citing another incident in which she attempted to steal from a buddy. recalls that Afia’s adversary has previously revealed Afia’s theft of Johnny’s gold chain in the United States.

Nana Tornado has revealed in a new post that Afia Scwharzenegger attempted to steal the phone of her friend Afrakoma’s spouse at the Holiday Inn Hotel.

Afrakoma arrived from Australia with her white husband, according to Nana Tonardo, and visited Afia Schwarzenegger as friends do.

Tornado claims the mother of three who always does the things she condemns on social media tried to steal the man’s smartphone and conceal it in her pants.

The man’s phone, he claims, went missing, and they all tried to find it. An Instagram blogger, tutugyaguonline who shared the video wrote;

‘Toto is ringing …. See, Fufu Funu… I know you come to my page paaa… I’ll advice you t stop this beef cos Tornado isn’t your match.. You have lost … Awurade my ribs ….

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