Amber Heard Has Declared Bankruptcy – Can’t Pay Johnny Depp

It’s been revealed that Aquamanactress Amber Heard has just declared bankruptcy which means that she cannot pay the over $10 million settlement she owes Johnny Depp.

So, this is the story that just won’t stop giving (or, the story that’ll never end). There’s a new twist in the tale of Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp.


And, honestly, if they don’t end up making a movie about this story, I would be very surprised.

It’s got Hollywood movie written all over it.

OK, so what’s been happening to Amber Heard, and why is she back in the news?

It’s been revealed that Amber Heard’s financial status has been extremely precarious for a number of years now.

Her insurance company is suing her and refusing to pay her legal fees after she ended up losing the trial against her ex-husband, actor Johnny Depp.

She was ordered to pay Mr Depp $15 million in damages. It ended up amounting to a grand total of just over $10 million.

Of course, Amber Heard could never pay that amount to Johnny Depp. After that, she started her attempt to appeal the decision taken by the jury.

That didn’t go down too well, and the judge informed Ms Heard that an attempt to appeal would be very costly for the Aquaman actress.

Well, Amber Heard just surprised everyone by filing for bankruptcy after finding herself unable to pay Johnny Depp the amount ordered by the jury in Fairfax, Virginia.

This started a title wave of comments on social media after what was a very public trial.

After the amount that Amber Heard was ordered to pay the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor was revealed, Heard’s legal team informed the judge that she would not have enough money to repay the sum of money.

Since then, Ms Heard has been trying to do everything she can to get out of paying Mr Depp the $10 million.

She’s tried to get the amount reduced with no luck and now she has opted to file for bankruptcy, which was her very last option.

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