Apple Ordered To Pay Man $1K For Not Including Charger With His iPhone

Apple was fined $2 million by a Brazilian court last year for breaching the country’s consumer laws and disrespecting Brazilian customers.

The removal of the charger from the iPhone package was a significant move by Apple. Naturally, such a contentious move drew a lot of flak, but Apple stayed firm in its decision, which came after the company’s attempts to minimize the environmental impact of technology.

Apple is now facing repercussions, even two years later. A Brazilian judge has ordered Apple to pay a $1,000 restitution to a customer who received an iPhone without a charger.

According to Tecmundo, a judge has determined that Apple’s sale of the iPhone without a charger in the package violates Mexican consumer law, and that the corporation must compensate the affected user with $1,075 in damages.

Apple’s no-charger policy for the latest iPhones appears to violate Brazil’s Consumer Code, which deems “tie sales” unfair and prohibits their usage in the country. As a result, Judge Vanderlei Caires Pinheiro of Goiânia’s 6th Civil Court “sentenced” Apple to compensate.

This isn’t the first time Apple has faced repercussions for eliminating the iPhone charger. Apple was fined $2 million by a Brazilian court last year for violating the country’s consumer regulations and disrespecting Brazilian customers.

Apple must provide an appropriate charger in the iPhone packaging, according to the court. Apple was in a constant battle with Brazil over the issue, and it appeared at one point that Brazil would force Apple to reintroduce charging cables in iPhone packaging in the country.

Apple defended itself by claiming that the majority of iPhone users already have a charger. More chargers in new iPhone boxes would increase clutter and have an environmental impact.

Apple claims that removing the charger not only saves potential e-waste but also reduces the iPhone box’s footprint. Additionally, by removing the iPhone chargers from the box, Apple was able to save a significant amount of money.

According to a source, Apple made $6.5 billion from the sale of iPhones without chargers in the box. That is, without a doubt, greater revenue for the corporation.

Initially opposed, Samsung followed Apple’s lead and removed the power adaptor from its high-end Galaxy S series phones’ retail cartons.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 did not come with a charger in the packaging last year because the firm said it would preserve the environment.

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