Bride And Caterer Arrested After Guests Get Sick From Eating Weed-Laced Lasagna

Photo Credit: Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

A Florida bride and her caterer were arrested after wedding guests said they became sick after eating weed-laced lasagna and other foods.

Seminole County authorities arrested Dayna Glenny,42, and Jocelyn Bryant, 31, for the Feb, 19 incident. According to Click2Houston, police responded to a call after medics arrived at the wedding venue when 30-40 guests started experiencing stomach pains and vomiting. Food items and glassware from the wedding were confiscated by deputies but only the lasagna and a piece of bread tested positive for THC.

Glenny reportedly denied consenting to approve the marijuana-laced goods at her wedding and Bryant claimed her staff left for the day after serving the food.

One of the guests, Miranda Cady, recalled the moment when she started experiencing side effects from consuming marijuana-laced food to WFTV9. Another wedding guest said he was feeling high after eating the catered food while another said she was feeling numb plus helpless. One guest even experienced paranoia and believed her son-in-law passed away and then accused her family of keeping the secret from her. She was later transported to a local hospital for treatment.

“We’re all just enjoying and celebrating our friend’s success on the dance floor, having fun catching the bouquet,” she told the news provider. I just started feeling a little bit dizzy, just kind of like the room was spinning a little bit and things were distorted. I think people thought they were having heart attacks.”

Cady also claimed she saw Bryant “removing” a green substance from the bowl and placing it in smaller dishes that also contained olive oil as reported by Newsweek. Bryant allegedly giggled when she was asked if the food was laced with weed and Glenny also responded with the same answer.

All guests who ate the food reportedly tested positive for THC after reporting that they were not feeling well after eating the food. Additionally, they said they would support any prosecution against the bride and caterer since they did not consent to eat the weed-laced food.

Twitter users also responded to the story where some wouldn’t mind eating weed-laced food at a wedding while others opposed the idea of not telling people about their menu choice.

The women turned themselves to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office jail facility on Monday and bailed themselves out. Deputies charged them with three counts of tampering, negligence, and delivery of marijuana.

They are expected to be arraigned on June 7 with separate court dates.

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