Chinmark’s Heist: Police Arrest Top Influencer Of Chinmark Ponzi Scam, Amanda Chisom In Abuja

Amanda Chisom has been arrested by the police as Chinmark accomplice. According to report, She would be under custody until Chinmark is produced.


I woke up and stumbled on this person inbox. I refused to pick his call beause, I don’t answer strangers until I know why they came to my inbox.

“If what he said is true, then it is long overdue!

When the DSS invited Amanda to Enugu based on my lawyer’s petition, she dodged for weeks but ended up honoring their invitation when she saw that they may declare her wanted.

“She went to Enugu with interpol because, she feared they will lock her up Lol

She was not arrested but was made to be in Enugu for about 4days until she has given us all the information needed from her.

“She has continued to corporate whenever she’s called to give information on Chinmark.

But, one thing she may not know is that the reason she wasn’t arrested by the DSS wasn’t because of the interpol she came with but because none of the people in my group could prove that she stood as guarantor for them.

“Based on that, we allowed her to go while hunting for Chinmark and when he is arrested, she will be joined as an accomplice but…….

“The investors in some other groups that she signed guarantor for or gave her words to that she’s guaranteeing their investment, were asked to move for her arrest, since they have evidence against her.

I think they just did.

“I will get full details by day break……those who said she has no case to answer will need my update so they can head to wherever she’s held and stand with her

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