Enugu Socialite Busted After Using Fake Instagram Account To Thank Imaginary “Papi” For Sending ₦590,000

The Pressure is getting Wesssser Enugu Social media users vehemently refuse to bow to pressure after a man allegedly sent a socialite; FIFI, a huge sum [ ₦590,000 ] for shopping

The Socialite claimed a man — “in her DM” sent her ₦590,000 for shopping have been caught lying after she posted series of chat with the supposed “Papi”

According to a social media user who pleaded on anonymity,

She Posted that a guy sent her money, I go her page to look for the guy o 😂 only to be her fake account

She closed the name on the account and left the profile picture

According to the screenshot, the “Papi” said;

I am yet to show you all I have in store for you, that money was just a token

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