JOHESU Warns Against Fresh Plot To Destabilize Enugu Neuropsychiatric Hospital

The Joint Health Sector Union, JOHESU, Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Enugu, chapter has raised the alarm over a fresh plot by some unnamed persons to ignite further crisis in the health institution.

Pecohub reports that the Enugu Neuropsychiatric Hospital has been synonymous with crisis for over 10 years.

However, the workers told journalists that ever since the current Medical Director, Prof. Monday Igwe assumed office, things have taken a turn for the good.

They said the latest claims of a fresh crisis being spread on social media was coming from some persons who were determined to cause chaos and return the hospital to the dark days.

The hospital urged President Muhammadu Buhari, the Federal Ministry of Health and the entire general public to disregard the negative propaganda being sponsored by some unknown persons to discredit the present hospital administration under Prof. Igwe.

Speaking to newsmen after a general meeting of the workers’ union, on Thursday, the leadership of JOHESU in the hospital led by its Chairman, Comrade Friday Oduburu and the Secretary Daniel Eze, said that with the good developments currently going on in the hospital, which they said they have not witnessed under previous regimes, there was no need for distractions.

“We want to state categorically that we don’t want to be taken back to Egypt. Those who are against the progress of the hospital should stop causing unnecessary crises and give peace a chance.

“The Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital Enugu, South East Nigeria has made tremendous progress under the present administration of Professor Monday Igwe as Medical Director and Chief Executive. Within the first four years of his administration, the fortune of the hospital has been turned around,” Oduburu stated.

The union leader disclosed that based on verifiable achievements, the workers in their meeting passed a vote of confidence on the Medical Director, Prof. Igwe, and urged him not to be distracted in the discharge of his duties by the activities of a few selfish and enemies of progress in the hospital.

According to JOHESU, the once elusive cordial working and peaceful environment in the hospital had been restored under Prof. Igwe’s administration, adding that service delivery to patients, “which is our main reason for the hospital, has improved tremendously, resulting to the influx of patients to the hospital.

“Staff welfare has been taken as a priority by the present administration, no salary arrears, no promotion arrears and staff training has become a regular occurrence to enhance productivity. Conversion of staff that had additional qualification, which was stalled by past administration, has been addressed by the present administration.”

“It is evident that Infrastructural development under Professor Igweh has improved the status of the hospital with the entire environment now glowing with new projects. Both patients and staff are now enjoying good facilities and a healthy environment. The entire premises have been lightened up while hospital wards have been renovated with new air conditioners installed for the comfort of patients.

“It is worthy of note that all these transformations being experienced under the present administration are made possible by the unflinching support being given to the Medical Director by the quality team of management and the entire workforce who are committed to moving the hospital to enviable heights,” Oduburu said.

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