News Anchor Keeps His Cool While Blood Pours Down His Face During Live Broadcast

A Chinese news anchor soldiered on reading the day’s events after blood started pouring from his nose live on air.

In a clip, which has since gone viral on Chinese social media platform Weibo, Suzhou TV anchor Huang Xinqi suffered a nosebleed during a live broadcast.

Despite the blood leaking down to his mouth, Huang remains composed and continues to read the news with a calm and composed demeanour, the South China Morning Post reported.

After the broadcast, the anchor said his only thought was to finish up the bulletin.

Social media users have been divided over the incident, with some praising his professionalism.

Others wondered why he felt he was unable to stop the news to deal with a first-aid issue and whether his working conditions had something to do with it.

One person said: “I couldn’t see any professionalism.

“Was it very difficult to switch the camera to his female colleague? He was not alone there.”

Earlier this year, Chinese social media users posted hilarious clips after a leading Shanghai university told students they could pass a vital swimming test – remotely.

Would-be graduates were advised that because of strict Covid lockdown rules, they are not allowed to go to a public pool – so they can do it on-line instead.

But unable to complete the survival skill while locked down, students were asked to fill out a “Basic Theory of Swimming Test”.

The odd requirement was widely ridiculed after going viral on China’s Weibo social media platform, racking up over 120million views.

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