Meek Mill Has Reportedly Parted Ways With Roc Nation Management

Meek Mill has reportedly decided to go separate ways with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Management, according to Billboard.

At this time, reps for the rapper and the company have not released a statement regarding these reports.

However, Meek is no longer featured on the Roc Nation website or its social media profiles.

The 35-year-old entertainer has been attached to Roc Nation Management for a while. He first signed with Roc under a management deal back in 2012.

In 2019, Meek secured a joint venture deal with Roc for his imprint Dreamchasers, where he became president. In 2019, Meek also teamed up with Jay-Z and started Reform Alliance following his incarceration in 2018.

Reform Alliance is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to probation, parole, and sentencing reform in the United States through legislation and lobbying.

Where Did Things Go Wrong?

While it’s still not clear why Meek Milk decided to go a different direction, Meek, who is signed to label Atlantic Records hast been a happy camper lately. As Billboard reports, after scoring a No. 3 debut on the Billboard 200 with his latest album, Expensive Pain, he expressed his frustrations with the label. He said in a tweet that “they didn’t put nothing into expensive pain and then said I can’t drop another project for 9 months at the end of my contract after I made them 100’s of millions ….. how would can anybody survive that … most rappers can’t speak because they depend on these companies “I don’t,” he said. 

He went on to say at the time, “So look I made Atlantic records 100’s of millions and let them rape me out Roddy a artist they came to me about in jail … they still saying I can’t drop music until 9 months after my last album got blackballed just wrapped buildings and Nina art with talent.” He continued, “Roddy my youngin still …. But that label seperated us instantly when the millions came in from him… same thing they tried to do with me and rozay … it takes a long time to catch up too because most of em tied in for the love of some money …artist scared to speak up.”

Who Else Has Talked About Meek Mill And Roc Nation Recently?

Not too long ago, Wack100 questioned why Meek Mill was still part of Roc Nation. He said,

“He got axed to headline his own world tour. They had to cancel ’cause the tickets wasn’t selling,” Wack said, per HotNewHipHop. “You too mid-game to be doing eighty thousand units when you signed to Roc Nation. When you think of Meek Mill, you gon’ think because of the persona that he’s a A- [or] B-list artist.”

“This is nothing against him, I don’t know why he’s tied to Roc Nation,” Wack said. “That’s a great company. They reach is limitless. All the artists f*ck with them. Even though him and Game had they problems, Game still like doing music with him. They done three songs since the bullsh**. I don’t know.”

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