News Host Sparks Disgust By Toasting Queen’s Death With Champagne Live On TV

An Argentinian TV host has sparked outrage for toasting the Queen’ s death with champagne live on his show.

As news of the beloved monarch’s ailing health and imminent passing spread, there was a global outpouring of grief with national leaders expressing their condolences to the Royal Family.

But as millions mourned, there were some who sickeningly took the chance to celebrate the late Queen’s passing.

Social media was peppered with jokes at the Windsor’s expense and Argentinian TV host Santiago Cúneo went a step further, cracking a bottle of champagne in celebration.

The segment, which was posted online, later deleted but still went viral, opens with the banner “Murió la vieja de mierda” which translates to English as “The old s*** died”.

It cuts to an overjoyed Cúneo popping open a bottle of bubbly as he celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s passing, saying “Applause to Satan for taking her” as another show host claps.

Santiago Cúneo, a businessman and journalist, hosted the show “Uno Mas Uno Tres”, which was broadcast from 2013 to 2018..

Lashing out on social media, one user slammed the host saying: “A disgrace, what a lack of respect! He may not like the monarchy but he could respect a deceased person. Apparently you have to be rude to gain an audience, what a sad world. If this man was a little smarter he would know that the queen has no political power”.

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