Weeks After Erroneous Debit, First Bank Yet to Return Web Developer’s Money

Ogunmakin Damilola, an Ogun State-based web developer, has accused First Bank of holding on to his $15 after a failed transaction on July 14.

Ogunmakin told Pecohub that the $15 was debited from his account after a failed online transaction for the renewal of his personal website’s domain name.

“On July 14, a total of $15, approximately ₦7,500, was debited from my First Bank account for a failed international transaction. The merchant company, IONOS.com, also sent a mail to me that the transaction failed for my domain name renewal, hence the money should be reversed to my account,” he said.

Ogunmakin said he reached out to First Bank that same day to file a complaint and was told it would take three to seven working days to resolve the dispute. 

“I reached out to the bank and I was told that the money would be reversed within seven days if I filled the chargeback form,” he said.

“I Immediately filled the form and submitted it at the bank’s Lafenwa branch in Abeokuta. I also submitted it online via the bank’s Facebook channel.”

Damilola told Pecohub that First bank would continue to make failed promises to him afterwards.

“After the specified seven days, I reached out to First Bank again and was told to exercise patience. I waited for another 30 days thinking it would be reversed but it was still the same. They keep telling me to wait and exercise patience,” he said.

“The same thing happened last two years. I was debited twice, yet they did not reverse the transaction. I can’t let this go until my money is reversed.”

Pecohub made several calls to First Bank for comments, but they were not answered. An email sent to the bank had also not been responded to at press time.

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